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Welcome to, the website of Michael Cowl Gordon. He is the author of a novel entitled Autobiography of a Georgia Cat. It is the story of a Southern African-American family as it struggles with the illness and death of a granddaughter who is married to a Jewish man. Spiritual and family themes are emphasized. The story is narrated by Black Jack, the family cat, who also tells of his own life as an indoor-outdoor cat in Marietta, Georgia. Much space is devoted to "feline" mythology and spirituality which have a distinctly Native American flavor. The strands of many cultures are woven into the fabric of this story, leaving the reader with a positive message of hope and of the oneness of all things.

Animal lovers will never look at their pets the same again after meeting Black Jack, a deeply spiritual cat with a wry sense of humor. He agonizes through the alcoholism of his guardian, Archie, and the increasing decrepitude of Archie's wife, Cora, and her centenarian mother. The constant outpouring of gospel music from Mama's radio adds to the spiritual power of this charming story. Whether from his commentary on dogs, fur balls, human nature, or whatever he has on his mind as he tells his tale, the reader will know that he has had an encounter with a wise, wonderful, and unforgettable feline.

Mike Gordon is a practicing physician in Atlanta, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, at the Ridgeview Institute. His specialty is addiction medicine. He says he wrote this story as an answer to his own grief after the death of his beloved wife, Gena "Penny" Browder Gordon, in 1992. The story deals with issues of grief and loss, addiction recovery, and spirituality, and would appeal to anyone with such an interest, as well as to anyone who enjoys a good story. It would especially appeal to cat lovers, as it is almost as much about cats as it is about people. Mike has been happily remarried since 1995 to Judy Linton Gordon. They live in Marietta with their 3 cats, Jackson, Shayna Maidel, and Ladybug2.

Autobiography of a Georgia Cat has been named best novel of 2004 by the Georgia Writers Association in the category of self-published first novel. The honor was gratefully received by the author at the annual Georgia Author of the Year banquet held June 4, 2005 at Georgia Tech.

ATTENTION BOOK STORE OWNERS! Autobiography of a Georgia Cat is now available through New Leaf Distributing Company. Please contact them at The book is also still available through Ingram.
The ISBN is 1-4184-4727-7.

Autobiography of a Georgia Cat is featured in the December, 2005 issue of Cat Fancy magazine. It is one of 3 books included in the "Curl up with Kitty" feature of the magazine.

What Life Teaches a Cat, a discussion guide to Autobiography of a Georgia Cat, is now available. It contains chapters on the four main themes of the story (Grief and Loss, Addiction and Codependency, Spirituality, and the Heroic Quest), as well as another chapter on other elements of the story that didn't fit neatly into the first 4 chapters. Each discussion is followed by a set of discussion questions. The guide may be used by psychotherapists doing either individual or group work with clients, school teachers, by book clubs, youth groups, senior citizen clubs, or anyone who wants more insight into the themes of the novel. The discussion guide is available at cost for $9 per copy. Please send a check to:
Michael C. Gordon, MD
1800 Water Place, Suite #100
Atlanta, GA 30339


The novel is available for sale locally on the Marietta Square at The Local Exchange. (It remains available also through this website.)

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