We are a "blended cat" family, as Judy and I each had 2 cats when we got married. Mine were Baby Blue and Black Jack, and hers were Smoogie and Archie. Black Jack died after an operation in 1999, and Archie died suddenly and inexplicably in 2002. We acquired Lucy Locket in 2000 and Tiger late in 2002. The twins, Jackson and Shayna Maidel, came along in 2009, and Ladybug2 in 2012. We are now an all Good Mews, all tabbycat family.
Baby Blue
She was my first cat. I brought her home as a kitten about 2 months after Gena died in 1992. She died of kidney failure in July of 2008. Baby Blue was not very bright so she had to get by on her good looks. Smoogie was her biological mother, a relationship they both celebrated with open hostility.
She was the model for "Grits" in the story. Judy brought her home after she recovered from a losing encounter with a car on Atlanta Road where she had been the (Brawner) Hospital cat. She adored male visitors of the 2-legged variety. Smoogie died of kidney failure in January, 2009, but she took satisfaction in lasting a lot longer than Brawner Hospital did.
Lucy Locket
She was a Siamese mix that we got from the humane society. Because of her stocky, no-neck build, she was also known as Lucy Linebacker. She never liked other cats, and it took 7 years before she would let me pet her. She died of kidney failure in January, 2011.
We adopted him from the Good Mews shelter where Judy volunteers. He had more charm and personality than you can shake a stick at, and got along with everyone, except the twins (vide infra). He enjoyed his life immensely until the very last day when he died of cancer in 2014.
He was adopted as a kitten by Judy as a companion for Smoogie who resented him at first until she recognized his value as an interactive cat toy. He and Judy were extremely close, and his sudden death at age 9 was tough to take.
Black Jack
The model for the Black Jack in the story, we adopted him as a kitten companion for Baby Blue a few weeks after she joined our family. He was a large handsome cat who was on the nervous side, and used to soothe himself with an endearing thumb-sucking ritual. He is proud to live on as a literary cat.
We adopted him as a kitten from the Good Mews shelter in East Cobb in June of 2009, along with his twin sister, Shanya Maidel. He is also known as Nascar, because his motor is always running.
Shayna Maidel
Another very pretty little girl, she is the epitome of the curious cat, and is always in a good mood. She and Jackson enjoy watching TV, especially tennis or shows on Animal Planet.
She came to us as a kitten from Good Mews in 2012 and blended right in. She is a tricolor tabby, and wears her orange tinges proudly.